Talking About Islamist Terrorism

Global terrorism did not start on 9 11. For decades before that Britain and America have been colluding with radical Islamism groups even terrorist groups to promote very basic foreign policy objectives. Incredibly what happened after 9 11 was not that Britain in America stopped conniving with islamist groups. If anything they stepped up their support for those radical Islamism groups the official story is Britain and the us have been engaged in a war against terrorism and a war against Islamic extremism. But the reality is that Britain and the u.s actively funded groups and organizations who were allied to the same people who conducted 9 11.

Look at the war in Libya look at the war in Syria it’s important to understand that the phenomenon of Osama bin laden goes back to British policy as well as U.S. policy in the 1980s in Afghanistan. When Britain along with the U.S covertly supported the mujahideen warriors in Afghanistan to overturn the soviet occupation of the country.

It’s clear that the west does need a radically different foreign policy to really address the causes of terrorism but the first thing that needs to happen is what any doctor would say is do no harm. Stop supporting those groups in the first place stop supporting the states who have been primarily supporting radical Islamic groups terrorist groups for years. Why are we in a strategic alliance with them that needs to change first and then we need to stop these covert and over military interventions actions by our security forces who are unaccountable. We need to stop those interventions in support of those extremist groups, and we need to democratize our foreign policy so the public can genuinely see what our governments are doing that’s not happening at the moment.

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