Swedish court putting Iran’s theocracy on trial

The trial of Hamid Noury is the first time in the last 33 years that a perpetrator of the 1988 massacre is facing justice.

Even so, the European Union has turned a blind eye to one of the most horrific crimes of the 20th century because it continues a policy of appeasement toward the regime.

One of the constant figures in the two massacres is Ebrahim Raisi, the current president of the theocracy. He was actively involved in executing thousands of young political prisoners in 1988. Raisi was one of the members of the Death Commission, which decided on the fate of the prisoners and ordered their executions. In his first news conference as president, he said he should not be condemned for this but rather “rewarded.”

The international jurists and legal experts who spoke at this conference said the 1988 massacre amounts to genocide.

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