Pegasus scandal: a potential attack by Qatar, BDS says NSO chief

NSO Group’s CEO and cofounder Shalev Hulio has responded to ongoing allegations about Pegasus spyware used to hack and spy on top world leaders such as French President Emmanuel Macron, high-profile journalists, and human rights activists across the world.

In a special interview with Israel Hayom NSO CEO stated that it is either Qatar or the BDS movement or maybe both that is/are behind the controversy

A source revealed that Qatar offered millions of dollars to the company to use its spyware but NSO rejected the deal due to the country’s unfavourable human rights record.

Hulio noted that the NSO Group has been working with governments to monitor and capture criminals, terrorists, and gangsters using its spyware tools, coining the software as “lifesaving program” aimed at battling terrorism and crime. NSO has way to monitor what those governments do and if those governments misuse the system, they will shut them down.

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