Palestinian terror operation once again revealed Israel’s “weakness”

The Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah has lauded a recent shooting attack in Tel Aviv that left three Israelis dead and several others injured, saying the heroic Palestinian operation once again brought to the fore the fragility and weakness of Israel regime.

Hezbollah praised the “heroism of the Palestinian people and its resistance factions,” and saluted all the fighters who “put this criminal entity in a state of loss and humiliation before the world.”

The succession of such operations, the Lebanese resistance movement said, showed the “Palestinian people’s decisiveness in continuing the struggle.” It also illustrated that the Palestinian resolve is stronger than the will of the occupation, Hezbollah said.

Palestinians have ramped up retaliatory attacks against Israeli forces in recent weeks, carrying out a series of operations that have killed at least 11 Israelis since March 22. Eight Palestinians have also been killed during the same period.



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