Iraq holds official funeral ceremony for 104 Yazidis murdered by ISIS

Iraqi on Thursday held an official funeral ceremony for the first group of 104 Yazidis whose remains were exhumed from mass graves and identified through DNA tests.

The ceremony took place at the Martyr’s Monument in Baghdad.

Caskets wrapped in the Iraqi flag were put on military trucks with flowers.

Members of the Yazidi community will hold another ceremony on Saturday in Sinjar, their ancestral homeland, where the remains will be buried.

The Yazidi community in Iraq numbered about 700,000 before 2014, according to their leaders. Many of them are believed to have fled the country, mainly to the West. Those who are still in the country live in camps or have returned to their areas despite the damage their property suffered.

About 2,800 are either still missing or in captivity.

Iraqi officials have said that the process of identifying all the remains will take years. In some cases, it is hard to collect samples from three close living family members needed for DNA tests when all the family members are missing.

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