Houthi Shocking Abuses Against Women of Yemen

Women traditionally had a special exalted status in Yemen’s society, but the Iran-backed Houthi militia and its followers, embracing a radical Khomeinist view of women as second-class citizens, have violated this traditional treatment of women by harassing and imprisoning them en masse, and engaging in rapes, smear campaigns, and brutal torture.

According to the Yemen Coalition of Independent Women report, a number of female detainees reached 1,181 persons, including 274 cases of forced disappearances, 292 female activists and human rights activists and activists from the education sector.

The report also documented several cases of rape and suicide. In terms of the age group of female detainees, the number of female detainees under the age of 18 reached more than 293 cases, in addition to documenting dozens of cases of male and female children who were detained with their detained mothers.