Ennahda Accused of Corruption and Money Laundering

Ennahda leader Rashid Ghannouchi, the judge Bashir al-Akrami, Mansour Rashid, Najah Hajj Latif, and security leaders, including Wahid Toujani, Mehrez Zouari, Mustafa Ben Omar, Atef El Amrani and Al-Azhar Longo, have been reported for different crimes, including money laundering.

The Defence Committee spoke of the existence of a secret financial apparatus linked to Ghannouchi, in addition to communication with foreign parties, which aimed to harm national interests.

In addition to the security and financial prosecutions, the risk for Ennahda is that investigations open all the other files. Whether it is political assassinations, terrorism, administrative abuse, or foreign interference in Tunisia, there are cases for Ennahda to answer of doing too little to prevent or punish these activities, where the Party did not outright collaborate in them.



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