A story of terror and resistance

ISIS closed schools and prevented children from learning, taking away the little routine and control young people had over their own lives. After a while, ISIS started running schools, and they created their own curriculum. Some teachers risked their lives to make sure that our children weren’t poisoned by their ideas, secretly teaching the students the usual curriculum as an act of resistance. They always found ways to do things our way and despite how difficult it seemed, they still had windows for hope.

Women were forced to wear dark abaya in public, a long black dress. The colourful, lively city was turning into a dark, ugly place and you could feel the sorrow in the ruined streets where everyone dressed the same.

ISIS started to execute people publicly, keeping their bodies hanging for days. They sometimes insisted on having the family of the victim present to attend the execution. The horror and the pain of the things that we they with their own eyes is unbearable.

Until this day, they are scarred by their memories of the atrocities of ISIS.

Source Link: https://truthafterisis.org/en/2021/02/my-life-under-isis-a-story-of-terror-and-resistance/?fbclid=IwAR2HJPzktKH-AA-Dovxb-od88P3d412ymne85XlhFoMfixxeSldmpALgSfU